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      Design, power, taste, uniqueness. All of Fulgor Milano’s products are based on these four principles. Fulgor Milano brings modern technologies to your kitchen to allow you to have the best cooking experience.

      Fulgor Milano began in 1949 in Post World War II Italy. Piero Puricelli designated a coal fed cooking appliance company named Fulgor Milano (meaning “to shine” in Latin). As a result, 70 years later, Fulgor Milano has launched a complete line of appliances in North America. In addition, Fulgor Milano remains passionate about superior quality, reliability, and the precise performance of their appliances.

      A family. A passion.

      Above all, Fulgor Milano values the quality of their products. The story of Fulgor Milano is closely tied to the history of a family with deep roots in the fabric of the Veneto region of Italy. The story begins when an enlightened entrepreneur embarked upon an ambitious journey of applying his artisanal skills to the production of tools and components for appliances. The Meneghetti Family has brought us the Fulgor Milano line of products so that we too may be inspired to cook and create with this same passion at home. Every Fulgor Milano appliance has been designed and developed to not only meet or exceed expectations of performance and quality, but also provide a design that is uniquely Italian.

      It has become Fulgor Milano’s goal to build on their heritage and develop cooking equipment that would exceed all expectations of quality, performance, and styling. For discerning customers looking for value and style, look no further than Fulgor Milano. Admire their products and make their beauty, durability, and functionality your own!


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