Beautiful Innovations for Your Kitchen

Falmec has evolved from a small manufacturing company to a leading force both in the national and international market. As such, they have gained extensive experience in the design and production of cooker hoods. Cutting-edge research, flexibility in production, development of new technologies and original creativity. These qualities endow the Falmec ventilation collections with a strong added value in terms of innovation and a totally unique blend of design and cutting edge technology. Falmec reaches the highest levels of Italian excellence in the world.

Falmec’s fascinating history is typical of north-eastern Italian businesses. Beginning from the intuition of its founders – Danilo and Murizio Poser – and a specific market demand, it has transformed from a semi-artisan company to a real industrial leader. Falmec is creating innovative products and designs, in which technological advances merge with the most sophisticated style.

Falmec’s company headquarters are located near Venice. From initial design to finished product, all of Falmec’s creations are achieved through a multi-step process that is run entirely onsite. Falmec ventilation offers an absolute guarantee of quality in the design, the materials and the construction, in the best Italian manufacturing tradition.

Finally a hood that makes no noise. SILENCE NRS®

Falmec continually seeks solutions and technologies to reduce the noise produced by their products. More efficiency, better use of power, less noise and lower fuel consumption: with this equation Falmec always produces positive results.

With the innovative technology NRS®, Falmec has successfully created a product that combines high performance with significant comfort in the home. Beyond the figures certifying the excellent results achieved with scientific evidence, the other important fact to stress is that the hood is incredibly quiet.

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