Clearance Center

Clearance Center

Our Clearance Center is open 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday, by appointment only.

Please contact Leanne Honey to book an appointment or confirm availability:
604-430-5253 Ext. 110

Featured Products

Faber - ZOOMIS16SS600

Use the Zoom cylinder hood by itself or use the Italian hand made white glass OR stainless steel lamp shades and separate wired light fixture with 6 LED lights

Retail Price - $2,609

Faber - STRTIS36WH400

The Stratus ceiling hood features a sleek ceiling-mounted white glass panel that fits in the ceiling above your cooking, quietly doing its job.

600 cfm motor, 4-speed electronic control, 2 x LED light bars, Included ADA compliant remote control, Perimetric Filter System/ Silent Kit, 24-hour anti-pollution mode, 30-minute delay auto shut off

Retail Price - $3,499

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